Finding Your Life Purpose Series Part Three

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Curiosity is only part of the equation to finding your life purpose.

By being curious, one learns. By being passionately curious, one continues to learn and become even more curious. The closer one looks, the more there is to see.

Every answer raises a new question. One only stops being curious when one ceases being passionate about a particular topic.

Passion is what drives the curiosity to continue to unfold. And the passion is the fuel that motivates one to continue doing the daily work.

For example: One is excited to wake up in the mornings to teach. One may be passionate about teaching but one may only be passionate about teaching certain subjects about which one is curious, such as psychology.

When one is teaching psychology, the passion gives one the motivation to keep teaching psychology, no matter how unlikely or difficult the situation may become.

The passion generates the fuel needed to get one through the difficult times and the biggest obstacles; to overcome the most insurmountable challenges, and may eventually lead one to make a significant difference in inspiring the lives of one's students, which gives one life greater fulfillment and meaning.

One may eventually master one’s psychology teaching skills in psychology and make a significant contribution to society.

These stories are continued from Life Purpose Series-Part 2

Path 1 Series 3: Passion

As a teenager, Ray was passionate about photography and videography, but he had long given up hope for living his big dreams and stopped taking photos as a hobby.

Ray settled for a comfortable life and told himself that he was content with his life.

Path 2 Series 3: Passion

Jacqueline immediately started a new banking job. While convincing herself that this time would be better since she would have weekends off. She felt excited and worked passionately at her new job, although she didn’t care much about the field of banking.

At first, this new position was challenging. She learned a new computer system and job duties. But when she was passed up for a well-deserved promotion, her passion quickly died.

She often came to work feeling angry with her boss, and that’s when her old feelings of discontentment returned and she quit her job after just nine months.

Path 3 Series 3: Passion

Lacking passion, Cheryl struggled to make it through her first year of college. When the second year rolled around, she began to demonstrate interests beyond the classroom. She decided to volunteer at a hospital for six months instead of enrolling in college classes.

Her volunteer experience ignited Cheryl’s passion, and she quickly changed her major to nursing, in order to follow her heart’s desires against her parent’s wishes. When she enrolled in the nursing program, she accelerated her schedule to graduate more quickly, on her ideal time frame.

Path 4 Series 3: Passion

Erin’s business failed after just a year. He had learned all there was to learn about graphic design, but he felt that there was something missing in his career satisfaction. He wasn’t making enough money to pay for his expenses, and he lost the desire to be a graphic designer.

He kept trying new things, experimenting with music, interior decorating and graffiti art. Each new thing energized him and brought him joy, but none of these was his purpose.

Each new venture gave him some clues and answers about his purpose and fed his curiosity while he lived a more passion-filled life. Throughout the process he was learning many new marketable skills which led him, five years later, to discover his life purpose of fashion designing.

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