Finding Your Life Purpose Series Part 4

Your purpose is tied to your greatest pain or your parent’s greatest pain because those traumatic and devastating experiences affect you in such a significant way.

We naturally try to avoid pain, and our bodies find interesting ways to cope and manage the pain in the best way it knows how.

The pain tends to manifest in our worst fears and many people tend to replay or relive those painful experiences unconsciously, in dysfunctional behavioral patterns, in abusive relationships, addictions issues, and mental health disorders.

But If we go inwards towards the pain, we will find meaning through the suffering. From the meaning we will learn why we are experiencing it and how to use it for an opportunity; because the pain is a signal and if we listen to it, and take a closer look at it, it will teach us something new about ourselves.

Going inward we can become more self-aware of our unconscious patterns and habits and learn lessons that we have been trying to avoid or see things that we couldn’t recognize before.

And only when we turn towards the pain can we heal from it, which gives us an opportunity to go even deeper, and discover powerful hidden gifts and talents we didn’t know we had.

At that point, we can take our greatest pain and turning it into a powerful tool for the benefits of ourselves and others. Since we have discovered some amazing talents we can use those gifts for a purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

We can use those gifts to help people, who are going through the same painful experiences to struggle and suffer less. Then we can make a meaningful impact on others’ lives while giving our life fulfillment and purpose at the same time.

These stories are continued from Life Purpose Series-Part 3

Path 1 Series 4: Pain

Though there had been years of unspoken pain, Ray was numb to his feelings. Ray’s parents had taught him that it was not acceptable for a man to talk about his pain, but he often felt that something was off-kilter with himself and his life.

Path 2 Series 4: Pain

Jacqueline was now working in the social service field and she had obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology. Even though Jacqueline had obtained her degree she was continuing her pattern of changing jobs every 6-months.

As a result, Jacqueline decided to pursue a master’s degree in counseling at night in hopes of finding her dream job. But shortly after Jacqueline started her first job as a counselor she started experiencing depression and extreme pain and Jacqueline was devastated to learn that counseling wasn't a career fit for her.

Path 3 Series 5: Pain

Cheryl’s mother’s greatest pain was getting diagnosed with breast cancer. At an early age, Cheryl traveled back and forth to the doctors’ appointments with her mother who was suffering from radiation and chemotherapy treatment. While Cheryl sat and watched her mother struggle to stay alive, Cheryl felt sad, helpless and devastated.

As an adult, Cheryl volunteered at a hospital and she compassionately cared for a woman who had breast cancer. Since the woman reminded Cheryl of her mother, Cheryl finally made the connection between her greatest pain and her life purpose.

Path 4 Series 4: Pain

Erin was super excited to discover his life purpose, and he liked the flexibility of self-employment, but he didn’t like the fact that he was always broke and lacked the necessary resources to pursue achieving his life purpose goals.

That brought Erin great agony and pain because his financial situation reminded him of the poverty-stricken upbringing he grew up in.

Yet, Erin was determined to change this generational cycle of poverty, so he invested all of his money in buying an old house. Erin fixed the house up in his spare time and after a few years, Erin sold the house for a $100,000 profit and jump-started his fashion career business.

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