Finding Your Life Purpose Series- Part Two

In order to find purpose, one must be curious. Though we’re all curious to some extent, most people don’t go far enough in exploring and questioning that about which they are profoundly curious.

When you’re curious you look more deeply into why you do the things you do, and you realize that there is much to learn from everything and everyone. Then you are able to see life’s true significance and meaning. This is the first step to living a fulfilling and satisfying life.

This self-exploration process puts you on the path of unlocking who you are and through this self-reflection, you learn what drives you to do your life’s work.

Curiosity fuels your imagination. If you follow it, it will take you into the unknown recesses of your mind, to discover the things you are drawn to and the reasons you’re drawn to them.

If you pay attention to those things, you will start noticing things that you haven’t seen before, things that interest you and you will discover some amazing things about your life.

Those new insights can give you the courage to get out of your familiar routines and comfort zones because your curious nature can lead you to open your mind to recognizing new ideas and trying new things and having new experiences, which in turn opens up possibilities that aren't normally available.

The more you expose yourself to different people, places, and things, the easier curiosity becomes. It can give you the clues to answers that you seek that are outside of your consciousness.

Being curious is one of the reasons why some of the greatest inventors, such as Steve Jobs, came to prominence. His curious mind was able to connect basic ideas in innovative ways and to find the best possible solutions.

Yet, the challenge is to regain one’s natural sense of curiosity because it is important for success. The good news is that curiosity can be cultivated, rediscovered, and nurtured with freedom and time to begin building on what you already know.

These stories are continued from Life Purpose Series-Part 1

Path 1 Series 2: Curiosity

When Ray was a child, he was curious about the big world, but when he became an adult, his fear of flying kept him from seeing the world that he had imagined.

He would rather spend his free time watching different aspects of the world on television, but his sense of wonder was starting to escape him because he was no longer surprised about what he saw.

Path 2 Series 2: Curiosity

Jacqueline was naturally curious about her customers and she inquisitively asked them about their chosen fields, and what motivated them to choose those careers. When they conversed, she would actively listen to them to gain an understanding of their perspective.

Jacqueline’s curiosity helped to strengthen her relationship with her customers, and their ambiguous answers led her to enroll in college to major in psychology to get more answers.

Path 3 Series 2: Curiosity

Cheryl was very supportive and caring when her mother battled breast cancer for five years. It devasted her to see her mother in so much pain, so she was often curious about ways to help improve her mother’s physical health and happiness.

Cheryl’s curiosity expanded her empathy to care for her younger sibling’s wellbeing also, and to give her friends constant emotional support.

Path 4 Series 2: Curiosity

Erin knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, but he wasn’t clear what his career vision would look like.

Erin knew he was curious about all types of art and designing, which led him to attend a seemingly useless graphic design class.

While taking this class Erin developed an insatiable drive to learn more about drawing, which ignited his imagination and inspiration to start a graphic design business.

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