10 Part Life Purpose Series

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

People with purpose live longer, happier and more fulfilled lives because they are adding value in the world and making unique contributions to humanity. While others wander aimlessly through life lost, confused or stuck in roles, relationships, and in stages of life.

Everyone is born with a purpose. Whether that is to empower people that are homeless, help youth with life skills or to heal the mentally or physically sick. While we're on this earth, we have a short period of time to fulfill our purpose.

We must discover what our purpose is. A select few individuals instinctively know what their purpose is when they are young. Those individuals start off on the right path, taking the short road to complete their life’s mission and works.

This wasn’t my experience, and chances are it wasn’t yours either. The vast majority of us are on the long road to discovering our life purpose. We embark on a journey or path when we are young, looking for a job. We scan the web for “attractive” companies that grab our immediate attention and interest.

We look at a company’s career page for openings, read the job descriptions, and then redraft our resume and pitch it to fit the role we want. We recreate ourselves to meet another’s specifications, and tailor who we are to meet the needs of the company. Six months down the road this situation ends badly, and we are left feeling unhappy, dissatisfied and discontented.

This 10-Part Series will describe the paths that four people took to find their Life Purpose:

Path 1 Series 1

Ray was a street sweeper who produced minimal value at work. For many years he wasn’t engaged at work and was just going through the motion, stuck on this dead-end path.

Though he felt a need for change, he was unwilling to look for another job. His new wife was pregnant with their first child and he felt the need to provide for his family.

Path 2 Series 1

Jacequline on the second path began feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, and she quit her job abruptly after just six months.

On the road of life, Jacqueline appeared to be lost, moving around in circles on the same road and lacking a sense of direction to find her life purpose.

Path 3 Series 1

Cheryl on path three decided to quit her job and concentrate on attending her first year of college. She was having a difficult time deciding on what college to select and in which field to study.

After long conversations with her parents, Cheryl was persuaded to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Cheryl lost sight of who she was and what she really wanted to do in life. Cheryl agreed with her parents, even though she wasn’t convinced that she wanted to be a lawyer. Yet, she believed her purpose in life was to please them and assure their happiness.

Path 4 Series 1

This man Erin on this fourth path got fired from a retail job because he questioned the company’s ineffective work process.

After that Erin argued daily with his parents about his decision not to go to college. Despite him being a 4.0 high school student, he wanted to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams of owning his own company. But Erin was confused about what company he wanted to own.

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Kim Person-Life Purpose Coach

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Life Without Purpose is Like Taking a Journey Without Knowing Where You Are Going

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